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Pet of the Week - Ebony and Travis

This week we have two sweet kitties from the Cayman Islands Humane Society who desperately need a home. They have had a rough start in life but remain sweet and cuddly and just want a chance to make your house a home. They had a rough start in life. They were attacked by the family dog and when running from the dogs, were hit by a car. 

Whilst they still bear the scars of such a frightening event, they still love to be cuddled and love to be together. 

They have been at the Cayman Islands Humane Society for at least three months and now need to be fostered, if not adopted.

Ebony is a male cat, has been neutered and is fully vaccinated, he LOVES to cuddle and will purr so loudly to prove it!

Travis is also a male cat, of course, the same age as Ebony and neutered and fully vaccinated. Travis has slightly more serious injuries than Ebony and has a lame leg. This means he will be unable to escape predators, traffic and other dangers so he will need to be kept as an indoor cat.

Because of all the trauma Ebony and Travis has been through their bond is very strong and they must be adopted together, but hey, two cats are always better than one, especially when old folklore tells us black cats can ward off evil!

Did you know Black Cats ward off evil and are even thought to bring Good Luck, Prosperity and Marriage! Read more here!

Why not pop by the shelter and visit Ebony and Travis today? Even if you can't foster or adopt, they would love a cuddle. As always, please share this post, it only takes one click you never know who may see it and be able to help. 


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