Pet of the Week - Fosters Needed

This week's pet of the week looks at the growing number of puppies that need foster homes at the Cayman Islands Humane Society

Today we are featuring SIXTEEN puppies that need a foster home to get them out of an already full shelter. To prevent the young puppies from catching diseases, they are all in the quarantine room, so you will have to ask to see the gorgeous puppies featured in the video below. 

Esther, Sofia, Russell, Frieda, Fiona, Ivy and Fire have all had their first vaccinations, so they will need to be taken to the vet for the rest of them. The Cayman Islands Humane Society will take care of the cost of all vaccinations and transport to and from the vet while the puppies are in foster care. Sweet little Fire will need a little more attention as she has the fungal infection known as, Ringworm. Ringworm reacts very well to treatment and as you can see from the video, despite her name, Fire is one of the quieter puppies of the bunch. She is a small fluffy tri-colour puppy who loves to snuggle.

Did you know Ringworm isn't actually a worm, but a fungal infection? Click here to find out more.

As we move through the video we will see Ivy, Nuggett, Carlos, Cezar, Ceci and everyone's favourite ice cream duo, Ben and Jerry. As you will see, Ivy is a little firecracker who will wiggle with excitement as you approach her cage. All she wants is to give you kisses and play. Nugget is also anxious to get out of the quarantine bay and into a home with a bit more space and some maybe some kids on school break who can keep her active in the garden playing fetch.

Carlos Cezar and Ceci are gorgeous brindle pups with ears they will one day grow in to. They are slightly quieter than the other dogs and will value some love and attention as they grow. What makes a dog a brindle colour, click here to find out.


The four puppies in the featured photo were just dropped off at the Cayman Islands Humane Society, they don't yet have names, but will be ready to go to foster homes in a few days, 

As we always say, if you can't foster these little pups, please share their story. You really never who know who may read it and may be able to help them. 




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