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Pet of the Week - Milki

This week's Cayman Islands Humane Society Pet of the Week is Milki the Cat. Milki is one of four beautiful cats that were brought to the Cayman Islands Humane Society as feral kittens. When you look at these four cats you can see they are made to live in a warm climate. They have a very light coat, lovely long legs and faces and nice long ears to help when hunting. Milky the Cat

Why do cats have different shaped ears? 

They are an exotic grey colour with beautiful striped markings on their legs, faces and tails. These cats truly are an example of evolution in a hot wild climate and must be seen to be appreciated. As mentioned, when they were kittens they were feral, meaning they were very afraid of humans, but over the months at the Cayman Islands Humane Society, they have learned to love the affection of humans. Milki is the friendliest as she was fostered when the Cayman Islands Humane Society flooded a few weeks ago. She currently lives in the rear cat room and will happily run over to you for a cuddle when you walk in. She is a purring machine and loves to give you kisses and cuddles as she curls up on your lap for a cuddle. 

Milky the Cat was feral

Let's all work together to continue the good work the foster home carried out and continue to visit Milki the Cat so she can enjoy a cuddle on your lap. As we always say, if you can't foster or adopt, please share Milki's story so we can find her a loving forever home <3


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