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Pet of the Week - Opera the Kitten

This week's Pet of the Week is Opera the black and white kitten. He is a wonderful cuddly little male kitten who is having a hard time at the Cayman Islands Humane Society. You see Opera doesn't like other cats, so he can't be let out of his cage. He is, however, very sweet with everyone else and loves to cuddle. Opera the kitten really need to be let out of his cage to exercise and he runs the risk of becoming depressed at the shelter. So, as we always ask, please share his story. If you have time please feel free to drop by the shelter and play with Orea the kitten and all the other cats and kittens there. they really will appreciate it.  

On another note, if DOGS are more your thing, please swing by the Cayman Islands Humane Society and volunteer to WASH SOME DOGS! Wear old clothes and shoes you don't mind getting wet. Washing dogs is CRUCIAL to their health and helps the Cayman Islands Humane Society find all kinds of lumps and bumps that may need investigation. 

Oooh while you are here, we have a question? Are you a cat dad or strictly a dog man? Let us know in the poll below :)




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