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Broken Wings


  • The Morning Bob

    Listen as Taylor and The Sports Guy get you up and running everyday, rifling through the hottest topics in news, music, and pop culture both locally and around the world. Plus, the best music from the 80s, 90s & whatever! Sponsored by Williams2 Real Estate.

  • Midday Bob With Daisy Lee

    Sitting at your desk blankly looking at your computer screen? Wishing for the workday to pass? Even When Work Is Tough, Daisy & Bob Get You Through It With The No Repeat Workday! We Promise You Will Never Hear The Same Song Twice Between 10am & 5PM.

  • Afternoon Drive with Dane

    Picking The Kids Up From School Or Just Fighting With That Drive Home Traffic, Dane Has The Best Of The 80s 90s & Whatever To Make It That Little Bit Better

  • Bob After Dark

    As the sun goes down, Bob doesn't rest. No matter what your evening plans you can rest assured that your evening soundtrack from the 80s 90s & Whatever is always on point!

  • Let's Talk Sports Radio

    Listen as 'The Sports Guy' Jordan Armenise tackles the hottest topics in sports from the NBA, UFC, NFL, Formula 1, Soccer, Athletics & more including one on one interviews with professional athletes and industry leading reporters.

  • Airplay 40 Rewind With Spencer James

    Spencer takes you back in the day with 2 years from music history. Will you know the artists and songs and be able to guess the years when they were hits?

  • Boombox Fridays With D'Docta

    It's officially the weekend & BOB FM kick starts your Friday night with D'Docta and Boombox Friday! Just think of the biggest songs that you have ever heard from the 80s 90s & Whatever curated into the ultimate non-stop party mix.

  • Non-Stop 80's 90's and Whatever!

    We all get those nights when we can't sleep or the night shift has our name on it.....Don't worry Bob has insomnia and is here all night with the best of the 80s 90s & Whatever!

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