Bodden Town Solar Farm gets new owner

Jan 09, 2019 Environment

Cayman's Bodden Town Solar Farm has a new owner as of Wednesday (9 January). BMR Energy has taken over the reins from Entropy Cayman. The U.S. based company belongs to Richard Branson's Virgin Group and called itself a developer, owner and operator of clean energy projects in the Caribbean. Together with CUC, BMR Energy will take over all operations of Cayman's large-scale solar project. CUC's Vice President for Customer Services and Technology Sacha Tibbetts said they were looking forward to working with BMR Energy. In a statement Wednesday (9 January,) he said: "CUC's aim is to have 25% of energy on the grid come from renewable energy sources by 20-25 and to meet the objectives and targets of the national energy policy over the longer term." The Bodden Town Solar Farm has been in operation since July 2017. It provides power to more than 800 homes.