CIYDC launch new initiative to help youth facing troubles

Jan 07, 2019 Environment

Local youth programme, Cayman Islands Youth Development Consortium has teamed up with the police for a new initiative called combating crime with assets. Founder of CIYDC Silvia Wilks said the aim is to keep Cayman's young people on the striaght and narrow path. "It’s a way of making the community aware of the developmental assets and the more they're aware the more they can support their young people. We found that several of the boys that were involved in the assets because we highlighted constructive use of time, they became involved in scouts, more involved in sports," said Ms. Wilks. The combating crime with assets initiative involves 40 things each young person needs to help lead a positive and healthy life, like strengthing the community. She said parents have a role to play. "Most times when I ask young people whether it's at camp are any activities that we do, rate yourself from one to ten where positive family communication is concern most times they would rate themselves low. People are becoming so busy and in their own world that they don't realize that our young people need our support," said Ms. Wilks. The Cayman Islands Youth Development Consortium will be hosting a week long series of community presentations on youth issues and how to address them. Monday 7th- Seafeaer's Hall, Red Bay Tuesday 8th- John A. Cumber School, West Bay Wednesday 9th- Town Hall, George Town Thursday 10th- South Sound Civic Centre, George Town Friday 11th- Bodden Civic Centre, Bodden Town Monday 14th- North Side Civic Centre, North Side Tuesday 15th- Gun Bay Civic Centre, East End