Community meeting to address stray dog threat

Jan 22, 2019 Crime

George Town residents met Tuesday (22 January) with representatives from the Department of Agriculture, the police and their local MLA to address concerns on the heels of a pack of stray dogs menacing the community. The DOA has come under fire for its tactics so far in trying to resolve the threat. Traps set by the Department have been criticised by some members of the community for being ineffective against the animals. Constituency MLA Hon. Joey Hew lost his family pet last week; he urged residents to take precautions until the problem is brought under control. "If you have pets on a leash, my recommendation would be, if you cant get away quick enough, to release the pet, so it can try to get away and fend for itself," Mr. Hew advised. He added: "it is a very scary situation, but try to walk your animals in the more populated areas. These animals don't like to be around people." The meeting was held at the Arts and Recreation Centre at Cayman International School.