Drugs busts in West Bay: 3 held, ganja, coke and $220, 000 seized

Jul 10, 2018 Crime

Police break up an illegal drug operation in West Bay seizing a quantity of cash and narcotics. Three people are now on bail after two drug busts at an address off Watercourse Road in West Bay on 28 June and 29 June. Today (10 July) police shared details of their joint operations with Customs which netted $220, 000 in cash and an undisclosed sum of ganja and cocaine. Police say they also seized drug utensils and weighing scales. Three West Bay residents were arrested following the drug operations. Two men, aged 28 and 35 respectively, were held on 28 June on suspicion of possession, consumption, and intent to supply ganja, as well as, possession and intent to supply cocaine. A 59-year-old woman was arrested on 29 June for the similar offenses, in addition to possession of criminal property. The woman was released on bail yesterday. Police Commissioner Dereck Byrne, commenting on the operation, said, "We will continue to take action to target and disrupt these criminal enterprises, and deprive them of the proceeds of their criminal activity." Collector of Customs Charles Clifford called for more public involvement in the fight against crime.