MLA Barbara Connolly to have patrols on Smith Barcadere to keep vendors away

Dec 06, 2018 Environment

George Town South MLA Barbara Connolly makes it clear that there will be no commercial activity at Smith Baracadere. The issue was brought to the fore after a local beach vendor was captured setting up shop at the popular spot, prompting a social media outcry. Ms. Connolly said she met with the company in question and now she's setting the record straight on what is allowed and what isn't allowed at Smith Barcadere. On Thursday (6 December) Smith Baracadere is free of beach chairs but that wasn't the case on Tuesday (4 December) when one company attempted to set up shop on Smith Barcadere, but MLA Connolly said that error won't be repeated. "They indicated that they had reached out to a couple of the government agencies who sort of gave them the green light, unfortunately, that was a miscommunication," said Ms. Connolly. Ms. Connolly said she met with the company after the matter was highlighted on social media. She said they were advised about the specific covenant made by the Webster family when they gifted the land to the government, that no commercial activities be allowed there. "We discussed it with the gentlemen and they were very polite and they were very apologetic for what occurred here. So they are quite aware now that they have to cease from conducting any business here at Smith Barcadere and any other businesses that feel like they can just conduct business on Smith Barcadere it's just not allowed," said Ms. Connolly. Ms. Connolly said it's not only the beach that vendors aren't allowed to conduct business. "In the carpark across the beach are conditions attached to that as well so they can't have any commercial activity even in the carpark," said Ms. Connolly. MLA Connolly said the police will be patrolling the area from here on out.