Replacement of faulty airbags starts

Jan 10, 2019 Environment

Just over 150 people turned up to have their Honda airbags replaced for free at the carpark near Fosters on Thursday (10 January.) This comes as the Japanese car company issued a global recall after a defect was discovered in some of its vehicles. Honda technician expert Kevin Newby said you cannot take chances with these airbags. The faulty Takada airbags have killed 23 people and leaving many with injuries worldwide. "This component on a scale from 1 to 10, I would say its extremely dangerous, I would say it's a 10 you cannot trust this to do its job," said Mr. Newby. Thursday efforts are aimed at helping keep local Honda owners safe. John Barden said his airbag hasn't deployed and he intends to keep it that way. "Fortunately, I haven't and none of my family haven't either so it's not an incident we want to experience and so I really support this initiative," said Mr. Barden. The faulty airbags are affecting over 3.2 billion cars worldwide including Honda and other brands. Veronica Evans welcomed Thursday's effort. "I know it's a big project they have put on and I thank them for what they have done because they are thinking about people and saving lives," said Ms. Evans.