80 Days to go: 3 things Taylor learned from her last marathon

To help give you some real insights and clarity about what to expect with this whole “marathon journey” everyone talks about, here are 3 tips from Taylor to prepare you for your first marathon.

1. Our bodies are incredible.  I had never thought I would be able to finish 13.1 miles, let alone run that after being so out of shape for so long.  After I started running (September 25, 2019) I didn't think I would be prepared to run a half marathon in just over 2 months but not only did I do it, I beat my goal time of 3 hours and 30 minute by almost 10 minutes.

2. You are only in a race with yourself.  Do not focus on what others are doing, focus on yourself.  There will be people WAY faster than you and there will be people behind you.  It's ok.  Just take it at your own pace. 
3.  The comradery on race day is amazing!   You will make so many new friends at the start and finish line. You get so much love on race day and there is nothing better than crossing that finish line and seeing your friends waiting for you cheering you on!    

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